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When Can a Landlord Triple Their Claim for Damages?

Posted by Jeremy Shorts on December 18, 2009

In most lawsuits, the Plaintiff is limited to claiming only those damages they’ve actually suffered – nothing more.  Evictions are not like most lawsuits.  Landlords are often entitled to “treble damages” where they are permitted to claim three times the actual damages they’ve suffered.  The details are spelled out in the Utah eviction code.

Under Utah Code Ann. § 78B-6-811, a Utah landlord making a claim for unlawful detainer (i.e. eviction)  is allowed to claim treble damages for the following items:

  • The amounts due under the contract (including rents, late fees, etc.).
  • Waste (damage caused by the tenant beyond normal wear and tear).
  • Abatement (or getting rid of) any nuisance caused by the tenant.

In addition to these amounts, Utah Code Ann. § 78B-6-811(3) also states that a judgment shall include Read the rest of this entry »


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