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About Us

My name is Jeremy Shorts.  I am a Utah attorney who has represented landlords and property owners concerning the legal issues they face.  In my experience, landlords do not typically take sufficient legal precautions in order to (1) protect their own personal liability, (2) protect their most valuable asset, or (3) prepare for the orderly transfer of these assets upon their passing.  These services are valuable to my clients because of the piece of mind they receive in knowing that they have put legal protections in place to protect and preserve their most valuable assets.

I commonly provide the following services to my clients:

  • Evictions (letters, notices and lawsuits),
  • Asset protection (through entity creation),
  • Estate planning, and
  • Mortgage issues (including assisting in refinancing mortgages).

I was born and raised in Price, Utah and currently work in Utah County.  I firmly believe that a good attorney explores both practical AND legal solutions to a problem.  There are often many options available to satisfactorily resolving a dispute before a lawsuit needs to be filed.  Much of the advice and forms provided in this Blog and on my website (www.utahevictionlaw.com) are based on the belief that a practical solution will often provide faster and better results than filing a lawsuit.  It is invaluable to understand my clients’ situations in order to focus on both practical solutions as well as legal solutions.

I hope this information is helpful and you find it beneficial.  Should you need my assistance for anything, or to schedule a free consultation, please feel free to contact me.


Jeremy Shorts
Phone: 801-610-9879
Email: info@utahevictionlaw.com
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