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My Tenant is Gone and I’ve Obtained a Judgment. Now What? Part – I – Preemptive Measures

Posted by Jeremy Shorts on November 1, 2013

No landlord wants to anticipate that a tenant will fail to pay rent, cause damage to the property or create a nuisance, but unfortunately these things do happen.  It is wise to consider these potential issues, even when signing up the most promising tenants.  By obtaining thorough personal information at the beginning of the process, landlords can avoid potential headaches in the future.

Some important tenant information to obtain should include:

*          Social Security Numbers for all tenants

*          Bank Account Information

*          Employment Information including employer addresses, phone numbers, and income verification, such as W-2s or Forms 1099

Often, a tenant will be make their rental payments by check.  It is always good practice to keep track of these payments in case you need to know what bank those checks were coming from.

By obtaining this information, the landlord becomes better equipped to recover losses in the event the tenant fails to follow through on their promises.

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