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My Tenant is Gone and I’ve Obtained a Judgment. Now What?

Posted by Jeremy Shorts on October 24, 2013

            Most often, a landlord’s first and most important goal in an eviction case is to simply get the tenant out of the property.  What should also be considered, and what is often overlooked, is recovering from the tenant the amount owing on the judgment after it has been entered by the court.  Many landlords fail to consider what happens after they have successfully removed the tenant from the property and obtained a judgment.

             We will be posting a multi-part series on strategies landlords can implement to assist them in effectively recouping costs and recovering on damages that have been incurred because of the eviction.  Some of the things we will be discussing are: 

  • Preemptive Measures – Obtaining Tenant Information on the Application
  • Garnishments (wage or bank)
  • Payment Plans
  • Supplemental Proceedings           

            By learning about these tools, Landlords can be better prepared and more effective at collecting damages from a deadbeat tenant.

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